Kevin Kinsella, sings “Solidarity” over Chris O’Brian’s Water Tower Dub. Originally written by Stevie VanZandt and popularized by Black Uhuru, the lyrics still ring true today. Much respect to those who have come before us and to you reading this right now. Solidarity. ☮️ ❤️ 🐼

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Everybody wants the same thing don’t they
Everybody wants a happy end
They want to see some justice for the innocent , they want to be somebody’s friend
Everybody wants to love the life they’re living, they want to enjoy themselves
Everybody likes to be forgiven, they want shelter from this storm
Look at me I’m not your enemy we walk on common ground we don’t need to fight one another what we need , what we need
Nobody likes to ask for money, nobody likes to play the clown
Nobody likes waiting on the wrong line , no one likes being pushed around
Everybody wants their family protected, they want to express themselves
We all want our ancestors honored
Look at me I’m not your enemy
Don’t believe everything you hear
Now is the time to love each other
What we need, what we need


This is a very long story so we’ll just tell you the beginning of it. In 1987, Clinton Fearon was on tour in North America with The Gladiators. The Jamaican group performed in Ithaca, NY, and Kevin Kinsella 15 years old then, got to live a life changing experience.

Now friends, Clinton Fearon and Kevin Kinsella decided to share their stories on stage with you, simply accompanied with their guitar. Be ready for some soulful music and poetry.